10 April 2015

TNP Waistbeads - New for Spring 2015

Viola Waist Beads (purple + hot pink)

This single strand set of waistbeads consist of purple and hot pink glass beads, accentuated with silver and clear white beads. Also includes a blue and pink bead as centerpiece. Very stunning and sleek finish, made to fit sizes 22-40 inches. 

9 April 2015

A quick peek in the mirror

The sun has really come out to play today, which can be a rarity in London, and as I look outside my window, I can hear the birds chirping away happily. I love days like this. They make me want to close my eyes and imagine that all is right in the world.

30 March 2015

Stacking Waistbeads

Sometimes I enjoy doing a mix and match with any waistbeads that have similar tones. This time I have selected three different single strand waistbeads and combined them to create this lovely stacked effect.

25 March 2015

Trying out new shampoo for my locs

I have always tried to stick to natural hair products for my loccare regimen, but whenever I do stray to regular products, I try to make sure they are as safe as possible. When I say safe, I mean safe to use on my locs, and I will touch on this later on in the post.

7 March 2015

5yr Locaversary

The end of February marked my 5yr loc anniversary, so it's time for a quick update. Time has flown by this past year, and to be honest, I hardly took note of any changes but just focused on keeping up with my regimen. 

My locs are fully matured and I love the look and feel of the texture of my hair. I do not re-twist my hair (freeform) and try to make sure I separate after every wash.  My hair type and texture allows for me to get away with minimal manipulation, so that most people do not believe me when I say my locs are freeformed.

26 February 2015

TNP Waistbeads - Fall 2014/15

Glacia Waist Beads 14A26 (grey tones)

This single strand of waistbeads is a mix of grey tones from white to black glass beads. Also includes a clear rhombus glass bead as centerpiece. Very stunning finish, made to fit sizes 22-40 inches.